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Waves Brand is the third company in the Waves Family. The Waves Company first began in 2013 as the love for sharing waves. Waves started as a small surf school in Delray Beach,FL. The surf school grew and so did the companies services. Waves progressed its way to the Hospitality Industry under the label Waves Management. Waves MGMT provides beach and pool operation services for Luxury Resorts, Hotels & Beach Clubs. Many of our staff are avid watermen and have a love for the ocean. 

People on a Deck
Diving with Whaleshark

As a company built upon sharing the passion for the ocean, Waves Brand is our way of expressing our true love for the ocean and everything it brings. We wanted to create a brand that not only looked good but also served a great cause. For every purchase we donate to one of our marine life  & water safety partners with the effort to save our oceans & to spread water safety awareness. Our Advocates are what makes our brand so unique and diverse. We believe in spreading aloha and making waves one marine & human life at a time.

Teenagers Cleaning Up the Beach

We are a ocean conscious brand with a mission to help end ocean pollution. But the sad truth is that it won't just end by hosting tons of beach cleans up. It begins with each and every one of us at home. In our daily lives. From our every day purchase choices. That is why we are only providing and showcasing products with sustainability in mind. Each product sold benefits our oceans. 


sharing our passion for the ocean.


Our journey first began in 2012. Our founder, Eric Dernick started Waves Surf Academy a local surf school in Delray Beach. The camp started with just 10 kids for the first summer. Fast forward to today there is now nearly 600 plus students that attend the local camps throughout the summer! The program teaches students to not only surf but makes waves in their every day lives. 

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Waves Management is the second sister company created in our waves trifecta. Waves Management is a Hospitality Management Company that specializes in a variety of services including pool, beach, food & beverage, water sports & child care programs.  Waves is an innovating and diligent company expanding throughout South Florida. The company portfolio includes  hotels, beach clubs, country clubs & HOA Communities.  Waves Management works with some of the most recognized hotels & communities in South Florida with over 20 years of combined experience in the business. 

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